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Amber Ray & Kennedy Rapudo Unfollow Each Other, Delete Photos

August 15, 2022 at 11:26
Amber Ray & Kennedy Rapudo Unfollow Each Other,  Delete Photos

Socialite Amber Ray has yet again hinted trouble in paradise with her recently introduced boyfriend Kennedy Rapudo.

The two sweethearts have unfollowed each other on social media and deleted each other’s photos-again!

Amber Ray has had a rough time when it comes to relationships. And this won’t be a peculiar occurrence if it’s a break-up between them.

The two had previously done the same thing a few weeks ago.  And after it was rumoured to be all for clout, they reverted to following each other on social media.

They have shared delightful moments and sumptuous gifts, which Amber has been flaunting over and over.  Her love for exorbitant gifts has been evident on her numerous relationships. I mean, she always goes for rich men. And manipulates young women into falling in love with rich men only.

This can be discerned from her controversial pieces of advice on her gram. Some of them insinuate she doesn’t cosset her relationships.

Anyway,  who am I to judge?  For now,  we’re not sure if Unfollowing each other means they’re not together or it’s all for clout.

Check out the screenshot below,  courtesy Nairobi Gossip:


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