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Amber Ray & Phoina Re-Kindle Their Friendship After Months Of Beef (Screenshot)

June 15, 2022 at 10:09
Amber Ray & Phoina Re-Kindle Their Friendship After Months Of Beef (Screenshot)

Former besties Phoina Tosha and flamboyant socialite Amber Ray have finally re-kindled their friendship after several months of beefing. When it comes to friendship matters, Phoina is having it rough. She also fell out with Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai.

Last year, Phoina was called out by Anerlisa after she posted a photo of herself alongside Omar Lali who was the main murder suspect in the death of Anerlisa’s sister Tecra Muigai. And just like that, Anerlisa detached herself from the friendship.

The genesis of Phoina-Amber Ray beef was as a result of birthday arrangement gone wrong- and Amber Ray felt dissapointed with Phoina. Amber Ray didn’t hide the fact that they were no longer friends.

‘We are not friends and we are not hiding it. I still believe in BFFs because I still have friends I have known for very many years.

Life has reasons, and people also have seasons in our lives. If it works well and good if it doesn’t sawa.”

Rekindled Friendship

After all that beefing that went on for long, the two have admitted they’re missing each other. Amber Ray shared through her Instagram Q&A session that she’s set to go for a wine date with Phoina.

”I miss her too🥰@phoinahaircollection what do you think of a wine date then we do ibiza?

Phoina resposted the same on her Insta stories and admitted that she dearly misses Amber Ray. Of course she agreed to having the wine date.




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