Amber Ray revealed how much Jimal Roho Safi lost

Oh man, Jimal Roho Safi is down bad. No, really, whenever his name comes up you need to take a minute of silence so you can remember this pathetic brother who is genuinely down bad at the basement level.’

Amira reacting to Amber Ray’s confession about getting pregnant for Jimal? Says lesson learnt

Amber Ray recently revealed that their short-lived relationship was blessed with a bun in the oven. However, we have not been told what transpired other than the fact that the baby never came to be.

And that is something that must be weighing heavily on Jimal Roho Safi’s mind. He took a massive leap of faith to try and make a wife out of Faith Makau but ultimately it was just a terrible gambit because the pay-off was not quite as mega as he thought it would be compared to the risk.

Jimal Roho Safi is doing the most for clout

He put his already established family on the line for him to get a second wife. Amira was having none of it. She decided to walk away from the marriage after her man, Jimal Roho Safi had made a mockery of it and now where is he? He is left with a broken family and broken dreams he harboured with regards to Amber Ray.

Put yourself in that position. You have a wife with whom you were with when you had nothing. The wife of your youth. Granted, she has put on a lot of weight given she gave birth to your scion. Now you have lost all physical attraction for her. You decide to step out on your marriage and think you have found the one.

Amber Ray displays more wisdom than Jimal Roho Safi

Then, as happened with Jimal Roho Safi, you start being mocked and warned by everyone around you but you’re in love so you ignore all the warning signs and red flags. You double down. And your wife starts making your household hell on earth because she feels you went about things the wrong way.

Tbt: Amira becomes a mum

She gets fed up and decides to walk away. Your sons have watched you disrespect their mother. Your family is hurt and bruised. Meanwhile, your new wife, Amber Ray ends things with you and even goes as far as to advise you to mend fences with your wife as she continues to run around these streets. You risked it all and not even a month goes by before you find out she is in a next man’s bed.

Someone tell Jimal Roho Safi money doesn’t make you a man!

And then she decides to tell the world that she was pregnant by you but you lost the baby and your family. Damn. If I were him I’d be punching the air and crying. How can Jimal have been so foolish? This reminds me the parable of the greedy hyena who got split down the middle chasing after trying to follow two different paths at the crossroads.

Jimal’s wife, Amira

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