Amber Ray Reveals Date Of Her Highly Anticipated Baby Shower

Amber Ray’s baby shower is knocking. And what has got fans roped into her business is the lavish gender reveal that she had weeks ago in tandem with her baby daddy Kennedy Rapudo.

It’s obvious that they splashed hundreds of thousands in their gender reveal, considering they had boarded a chopper to the venue of their occasion.

You know what comes after a gender reveal; the baby shower. And it’s only 2 days away.

An exuberant Amber Ray has taken to her social media to divulge the same.

“2 days to my baby shower.”, She wrote.

The flamboyant socialite already has one kid- Gavin, who is her only son. But to add to her blessings, she’s now expecting a baby girl, who is arriving in the next few days.

Amber Ray’s baby shower comes at a time when the socialite broke up with her baby daddy: with reasons which still remain surreptitious to fans. However, Kennedy Rapudo claimed that in the next month, we will know what led to their break up.


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