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Amber Ray Sends Message To Her Exes After Moving On (Video)

August 05, 2022 at 18:47
Amber Ray Sends Message To Her Exes After Moving On (Video)

Voluptuous socialite Faith Makau has admonished her exes to move on without having to create impetuous drama whenever they are not together. One of her exes identified as Kabba, who has been throwing shade at the socialite for a couple of reasons.

One of them being haezi fika bei- meaning he can’t afford her.

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Bitter Exes

There’s always that one toxic ex that won’t move on without leaving a trail of unprintable trolls. And Amber Ray’s Ex Kabba seems to be sleeping on his job. The two sweethearts have been dating for several months but their relationship hasn’t been working out for them.

Amber Ray has had several relationships which have ended up in a cul de sac, including Jamal Roho Safi who was her ex-hubby. They had a tumultuous time together  with Amber moving on with Sierra Leonean boyfriend Ib Kabba. Their relationship did not last a year. And he did not hesitate to throw shade at her for being toxic during their relationship period. He divulged a series of surreptitious information that led to their break-up, including her being a serial cheat.

Anyway, this is what Amber had to tell her exes on the latter;


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