Amber Ray shares important life lesson she looks forward to teaching her daughter in future

Image: Amber Ray

Amber Ray doesn’t have the best reputation on social media but either way – this doesn’t mean she will stay wallowing and feeling sorry for herself.

So far, we know she turns her lemons to sweet lemonade and from the look of things – Amber isn’t planning on changing this aspect of her life.

With titles like wh*re, Juju master, husband snatcher among others, mama Gavin continues to hold her head up high because to her words mean nothing.

Amber Ray is the worst type of single mother there is

Anyway as many continue to question her parenting skills, Ms Amber Ray has revealed that she hopes to have a daughter one day. I know you’re thinking huyo msichana si atakuwa kama mama yake?

And yea – you’re not wrong because Amber plans on teaching her baby girl some important life skills nobody else can teach her.

Setting Priorities Right

From Amber Ray’s post we understand that the young mum hopes that apart from teaching her daughter how to love, she’ll also school her on importance of letting go.

Amber Ray opens up about her baby daddy, shares ugly details of their toxic relationship

Amber Ray

I will teach my daughter how to love,
but most important how to stop.

Well this is because nobody stepped in to teach her and had to learn the hard way.

I was never taught how to stop ….. I had to learn that shit the hard way! #amberthebrand

This post comes days after her interview with Oga Obinna about her experience with a toxic boyfriend. From what she said is that despite having her baby daddy beat her, she stuck around in the name of love until she’d had enough.

However, after experiencing and learning what toxic love can do – Amber isn’t planning on letting her daughter face the same.


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