Amber Ray should blame herself for Jimal Rohosafi and Amira’s bitter breakup

For some reason, we are back to discussing the former real house wives of Syokimau and I am not sure whether they are doing this for clout, or the hatred they have towards each other – following their involvement with one man, Jimal Rohosafi.

Okay, from what we know is that Amber Ray claims Jimal had promised to take her as a wife since he was planning on divorcing Amira. However, like you already know – men lie….they can lie real hard that you belive them….and unfortunately Amber learnt her lesson the hard way.

From the stories shared online is that she later learnt that Jimal had no plans of leaving his first Amira…..despite having bad mouthed her…claiming she was seeing other men on the side while working in Dubai.

Jimal and wife, Amira

Well you see, with such information – Jimal gave Amber Ray too much access to his wife’s private life and now….guess who is calling who a prostitute..yes Amber Ray to Amira.


Birds of a feather

Anyway I can only imagine that Amber Ray did this since she has a fiance and a good life; while Amira on the other hand is said to have been kicked out of her marital home following….again….involvement with other men..

Not quite sure why Jimal felt he has a right to judge (especially after his scandal) but then again…thanks to this stunt, his ex Amber Ray is now using it against Amira.

Okay….whether the rumors are true or not, honestly this shouldn’t be something Amber Ray is happy about, especially since she is the reason maybe Amira stepped out of her marriage; I mean….didn’t we all see Jimal do the same with her… and not once or twice.

So yea…they’re all equal and share similar cheating patterns….which is why I feel Amber Ray shouldn’t have even involved herself in the ongoing beef. If anything- she should be focusing on Rapudo and forget her past. No?

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