Amber Ray should have waited before starting a family with Kennedy Rapudo

Amber Ray just got engaged to Rapudo the other day and I remember saying this was done abit too early considering they had just dated for a few months.

But since mlisema mapema ndo best, guess what – Amber now has a bun in the oven and from her post – seems like this was a planned pregnancy….which could be a good thing but at the same time, a mistake considering they’re still getting to now each other.

However, we also have to remember it’s their life and as much as we are telling them what they should have done…..truth is – all they’re hearing is background noise.

Mapema ndo best

Okay….I know its none of our business that Amber Ray got pregnant (again) before walking down the aisle with her new found love; but having had enough experience with her relationship with Jimal, one would think she learnt her lesson – but mapens ni mapens.

Rapudo proposes to Amber Ray

Anyway judging from the comments left by her fans, seems that most agree she should have waited till marriage; but then again, time is moving a little bit too fast and so is her age… why not.

Well with a baby on the way – at least Amber Ray now has something new to keep her busy instead of attacking her ex co wife, Amira.

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