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Amber Ray shuts down speculation about her sexuality

September 27, 2021 at 11:11
Amber Ray shuts down speculation about her sexuality

For some reason many can’t help but assume that Amber Ray is a part of the rainbow community. Probably because she has been spotted in the company of gay friends; but judging from how the Nairobi lime light life is, this is one big open bedroom.

Anyway, for those wondering whether Amber Ray is gay or bisexual – looks like we finally have an answer; but again, we cannot really confirm how genuine the response is since Amber likes to play games.

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Amber Ray

However according to a recent QnA post we understand that Amber says she is not gay; meaning chances are that she could be straight, like really straight or rather maybe, just maybe bisexual.

Amber Ray

Linked to best friend/girlfriend Phoina

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But I can promise you that not many believed her answer since Amber has been linked to Phoina; who by the way – was recently exposed for alleged stealing Brenda Jons girlfriend.

Well, word has always had it that Amber and Phoina use their BFF title to keep their business on the low; and having seen them misbehave during their trip to the coast – somehow explains why people may assume these two are more than friends.

But again, if Amber Ray says she is not gay – who are we to argue with her!


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