Amber Ray’s ex forced to change his taste in women, reveals his next MUST be ‘born again’


At this point allow me to ask. Is Amber Ray’s ex Kabba really hurt to a point he can’t seem to let go of the Kenyan babe despite knowing that she already moved on?

Okay first of all – she moved on with a man she’d earlier introduced as a close friend to him; but judging from the comments left by fans – clearly Kabba must have seen a red flag or two before everything went south right?

Amber Ray with Kabba

But judging from how he keeps crying on his social media posts – let’s just say he was in too deep to realize what he had gotten himself into.

Never repeating same mistake

With him learning the hard way, Kabba now seems focused on what kind of woman he hopes to find or rather is advising his fellow men to go for.

This is after sharing a post that read;

she will never respect you. Never marry a woman that is a social media freak. They learn things from a lot of women who don’t know the meaning of feminism.


Never marry a woman that is full of herself. A woman that makes you feel privileged to marry her. These kind of women  are grossly rude.

Well maybe that’s just how he feels and now that he tasted the kind of pain these kind of women can inflict in a man – Kabba now prefers to;

Marry a humble, nice & Born again woman.

Weuh….But really…..should we tell him the truth or we let him figure this part for himself?



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