Amber Ray’s hot small sister giving many sleepless nights online (Photos)

Image: Amber Ray witchcraft

Amber Ray has been the topic of 2020 and believe or not; fans love the wild and carefree attitude she wears online. Unlike other socialites who pretend not to love money; Ms Amber has never hidden the fact that she is all about getting her paper and living life to the fullest!

Just a few days ago she went on to confirm that Jamal Rohosafi is the man she has been seeing; and the fact that he is already married doesn’t seem to scare Amber as she is ready to step in as a second wife.

Judging from how happy she makes Jamal, I’m pretty sure the Matatu Sacco committee member doesn’t care whether people will judge him or not; I mean, he bagged himself thee Amber Ray – what more would he want?

Amber Ray with Somali bae, Jamal

Amber’s small sister

Anyway, we recently came across a page believed to be run by Amber Ray’s small sister; and boy – is she her sister’s twin in terms of looks.

Although the sister ‘Ella Ray’ appears quite younger than Amber Ray; all we know is that the two sisters look everything like each other and if I am not wrong, Amber probably also looked the same back in the day.

Below are just a few photos of the hot that continue giving many sleepless nights in social media.

Amber Ray with her small sister, Ella Ray
Amber, son Gavin and aunty Ella Ray
Ella Ray
Just like her big sister, Ella Ray serving looks on social media

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