Has Amberay been exposed for lying about her financial acumen by her hubby?

Remember when I told you not to take Amberay’s financial advice to heart because it was less than straight forward? Well, this has partially been proven to be the case as her husband, Jamal Roho Safi recently revealed he bought her her Hurlingham house.

Amberay financial times: stop taking advice from socialites

My argument was that if you’re going to take advice from someone, let it be someone who can account for their success beyond parting their lips to give you vague answers and amorphous solutions.

Jamal introduces Amberay to his people

Amberay recently took to her Instagram to tell people that she became a millionaire from selling cereals and matumbo. Which is fine and plausible if she can explain the market dynamics that helped propel her to her first million beyond saying “God blessed me”.

Amberay’s hubby Jamal Roho Safi is proof not all men can handle polygamy

You see, she is a single mother who did not grow up with a silver spoon. She had no connections other than the ones she started forming with the men who were thirsting after her. That is pretty much how to sum up her relationship with Zaheer Jhanda.

Amberay, Jamal Roho Safi
Jamal Roho Safi takes Amber Ray to meet parents

From there Amberay managed to use her intellect to propel her further by also forming connections with his peers. And the man is a multimillionaire so make no mistake about it, his friends are on a similar plane.

Gotta love her guts: Why you can’t help but love Amberay

But to go from there to owning a 30 million shilling home is not a joke. And to declare so without bothering to show proof of ownership… Clearly, men and women are held to different standards as any male celebrity who claims they own a house is often impelled to show proof of fact.

And Amberay is not going to be the financial guru you and your girlfriends think her to be. And there is nothing wrong with making her money through marriage but we need to stop being hypocritical. We need to stop being liars.

The only 2 ways socialites like Amberay and Huddah can afford their lifestyle

Let us call a spade a spade. That way, we will not have hardworking girls living their lives, trying to survive these harsh economic times sinking to depression as they compare their own trajectory to a mirage.

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