Amberay is right, she is not your role model

Image: Amber Ray

Amberay recently was asked by some deluded or possibly stupid fan who demanded to know why she is not doing a great job of being a role model and I must say that on this matter I am solidly with the socialite cum Jimal Roho Safi’s second wife.

Aki si kwa ubaya but mimi Si role model wa Mtu… sitaki pressure ????

You see, there seems to be a very big problem with Africa and Kenya in particular: a dearth of role models. And as a result, a lot of children grow up hoping to see people who look like them whom they can look up to and emulate.

Amberay cannot cohabit with her co-wife peacefully yet some woould hold her up as a role model

As a result, any celebrity finds themselves thrust into the unenviable role of being held up on a pedestal as role models. For a socialite like Amberay, this must be doubly confusing because she knows she has nothing to offer any children or their parents in way of direction.

Amberay exemplifies why dating single mothers is frowned upon

Just think about it, a single mother who couldn’t maintain the first relationship that blessed her with a son nor her first stint as a second wife. Yet she is seen as a role model because she has managed to land high net worth men each time she has been lucky enough to settle down.

Jamal introduces Amberay to his people

And we have to look to ourselves as a country and a people because we need to understand why socialites and celebrities are celebrated as role models. Perhaps it is down to the fact they have talents. Perhaps it is down to the fact they have put themselves in positions to be celebrated for those very talents. But if this is the case, then what talents do young parents and millennials celebrate in Amberay?

DM Police: Amberay is fooling herself to think she has no competition for Jamal

Why do we outsource the task of training our children well? I would argue that when I finally get children I would like them to view me and my partner as their role models. And if they choose to look up to celebs then by all means let it not be socialites.


But given the reality that Kenya is a third world nation with bullshit leaders and a corrupt government, perhaps the idea here is simply for one to get out of poverty by any means necessary. So when your daughter turns out to be a socialite, you hope she follows in Amberay’s footsteps so she can elevate herself and you out of poverty. And that is the best a lot of parents and millennials can hope for so that is simply how the chips lie.

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