Amidst accusations of bribery, the daughter of former Murung’a governor Mwangi Wa Iria speaks

Racheal Wanja, daughter of former Murang’a Governor Mwangi Wa Iria, took to Instagram to reassure her online followers about her family’s well-being after a tumultuous day on April 17th.

In her message, Racheal expressed gratitude for the concern shown by her fans during the family’s challenging time. She confirmed that all members of her family are doing well.

“I’m doing well, and so is my entire family. Thank you for reaching out. Although I may not have responded to all your messages, I appreciate each one of them. It’s during such moments that we recognize who our true friends are, and for that, you will always hold a special place in our hearts. Thank you,” she wrote.

The day had been eventful for the former governor and his wife, Jane Waigwe Kimani, as it began with Jane and her brother, Solomon Mutura Kimani, being rapidly arrested and subsequently arraigned at the Milimani anti-corruption court. They faced charges related to an alleged Ksh. 140 million graft case in the Murang’a County government.

While Jane Waigwe Kimani and her brother were taken into custody, the whereabouts of the former county boss, Wa Iria, remained unknown amid reports suggesting he had evaded arrest.

A dramatic turn of events occurred when a helicopter hired by Wa Iria landed at Mumbi Grounds in Murang’a County to collect court orders. Lawyer Ndegwa Njiru boarded the running helicopter to deliver the conservatory orders in Nairobi.

Upon receiving the high court orders, Magistrate Thomas Nzioki released Jane Waigwe Kimani and Solomon Mutura Kimani, stating that the court was bound by the orders preventing their prosecution.

“This court has been served with two High Court orders… staying the Director of Public Prosecutions’ decision to prosecute the 10 suspects pending the determination of the petition in the High Court, and this court is bound by the same,” ruled Nzioki.

In a press statement, lawyer Ndegwa Njiru claimed that the arrest of Wa Iria and his family was politically motivated, condemning the manner in which EACC officers handled the situation.

“It is uncouth for EACC officers to break into Wa Iria’s home, mishandle his children and arrest the wife, having not issued a summon to the suspects. This is a political witch-hunt,” he said.

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