Amira and Amber Ray need to get over each other

Barely a few hours after celebrating Christmas day – Jimal’s ex wives for some reason decided to entertian their fans through social media; taking us back to the days we saw them fight over Jimal.

Not quite sure why they both felt this was a reasonable way to get back to the entertainment scene; but since Amber Ray is the one who clapped first….we sort of understand Amira’s reaction to the online pettiness.

Anyway, it all started with Amber Ray mocking Amira for allegedly being driven off her Syokimau house by husband Jimal; and jidging from what Amber wrote – looks like Jimal couldn’t handle his wife living as a single woman – hence kicked her out like a dog.

Amber Ray competing with Amira

Okay….for starters I honestly don’t understand why Amber Ray felt the need of digging into Amira’s business when she already has Kennedy Rapudo as a fiance.

But then again, one thing we have to understand is that women always pick on women who make them feel threatened and in this case….Amber Ray for sure is threatened by Amira’s achievements, success and current lifestyle….I mean, wasn’t she flying around Nairobi in a private chopper the other day?

Anyway – its obvious that these two still have bad blood and whether or not Jimal is involved…..they will simply never entertain the thought of resolving the current unknown issue between them.

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