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Amira bitter that Jimal Rohosafi used and replaced her with another woman, but insists she’s moved on

September 07, 2022 at 12:47
Amira bitter that Jimal Rohosafi used and replaced her with another woman, but insists she's moved on

Is it me or is Amira getting hotter now that she is single? Okay – we all know she says she js currently single and living life but according to Amber Ray, Jimal and Amira are still together but because of their own personal reasons – they insist on having parted ways.


Whether true or not what we know is that Amira keeps proving she hasn’t moved on from her ex husband Jimal Rohosafi thanks to her posts. You see, if a woman breaks up with her man and all she does is keep revisiting her past – that clearly tells you she’s still sprung on the guy and chances are that she’s far from healing.

And guess what…this is what Amira has been doing for a while now. Its either she’s throwing shade at Jimal or his ex girlfriend which brings us to her latest post where she a video showing fans what happened to see. Judging from the video clip I guess what Amira wanted known is that she hustled with Jimal Rohosafi way before they became wealthy; only for him to credit another woman for work done by his loyal wife.

To caption the video, Amira wrote;

This is exactly what happened to me,and how the cookie crumbled.But finally i met my goals ,became more happier and peaceful.Moral of the story; keep digging and dont look back coz theres always something bigger at the end of the tunnel

Amira proves Amber Ray was her biggest threat

If my memory serves me right, Amber Ray in the past once revealed Jimal Rohosafi has always cheated on Amira with other women; but after learning she was also involved with the guy – his wife (Amira) blew everything out of proportion.

Well turns out he even has another son from his ‘suga mama’ and yet Amira caused drama like shes been doing with Amber Ray’s case. Anyway although Amira insists there’s nothing between her and Jimal – truth is – lately she’s been woke compared to back when we met after BNN’s expose.


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