Amira has every right to breakdown & breath

So after months of claiming he was just friends with Wangari Thiongo – turns out that Jimal was actually in a relationship with the young lady….and whats even low is that Jimal Rohosafi at the time had issued an apology to his wife Amira for publicly humiliating – knowing very well he had another ticking bomb (pregnancy) about to embarrass her even more.

Wangari Thiongo

Okay – i too wonder what Amira’s ancestors did wrong for her to end up with a man like Jimal. Weuh. He has not only embrassed her online but has thrown her out of their Syokimau home and even accused her of being a witch… damn – too much for one person to handle.

However they say women are built different. They raise their own kids and have to raise a grown man after he lives his mother’s home….quite a lot to handle – its a God given superpower.


Even stones break at times

Anyway as you’ve probably heard already – Jimal has his 4th baby on the way and this time around he is not hiding his affair with Wangari Thiongo.

So far he has shared photos from their baby bump shoot – which by the way has me thinking that Jimal is competing with his ex girlfriend – Amber Ray……..and I am sure I am not the only one who sees this.

Away from that….Amira recently shared a post asking God to keep her focused and my only guess is that she hasn’t been having it easy since the announcement and we cant blame her for it.

I mean the level of betrayal will never leave her even if she has moved on and found love else where….it just never works but it gets easier after accepting that is the reality.

Jimal on the other hand has been maintaining his love for Wangari Thiongo – but something about his behavior tells me this honey moon might soon start facing its challenges.

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