Amira Illustrates How Amber Ray Snatched Her Ex-Husband Jimal, Insinuates It Was A Blessing In Disguise (Video)

Amira remains bitter on Jimal’s previous relationship with flamboyant socialite Amber Ray despite them not being together anymore. The businesswoman went into a frenzy of rage after Amber recently disclosed that she got pregnant for Jimal while she was still married to him. She felt so betrayed and even shared that she lost taste and started to find her ex-hubby unattractive after learning he was cheating on her.

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Husband Snatcher

Unlike the bitter Amira, Amber Ray is just out here minding her own BS. She’s focusing on finding love, hopping from one rich guy to another and none seem to be working out for her. After being a 2nd wife to two men from her previous relationship, she vowed not to fall into the same trap. But currently, she’s roaming the streets. 

Amira Securing The Bag

After calling it quits with her ex-hubby Jimal, Amira is now balling like never before. She’s going on vacations as if money ain’t a problem to her. And she’s financing all these by herself. This is why she believes Amber Ray snatching her hubby was a blessing in disguise.

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She recently shared a clip on her Instagram, which insinuated that she helped Jimal grow financially, but he left her for Amber Ray, who didn’t feel a flinch on their struggle to success. But Amira thrived solo after being betrayed.

She captioned the video;

”This is exactly what happened to me,and how the cookie crumbled.But finally i met my goals ,became more happier and peaceful.

Moral of the story; keep digging and dont look back coz theres always something bigger at the end of the tunnel”

Watch the video she shared below;

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