Amira is now lying to us

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Thanks to her breakup with Jimal Rohosafi – Amira has become a household name with everyone talking about her failed marriage and how fast she bounced back hence making many women who are and have been in her position admire her.


So far we understand she has a huge following on social media and of course is influencing a number here and there….but just recently the lady posted something about her weightloss that got me thinking – Amira is now acting like a socialite.

Okay here me out. You see Amira started working out about 2 months ago that js judging from her IG stories but now – the lady claims she has since lost 36kgs….and i cant help but feel she lying.

Amira now a full-blown socialite

Why? Well maybe because losing 36kgs in 2 months sounds unrealistic or maybe because I have seen many celebrities i.e Willis Raburu, Catherine Kamau among others struggle to lose even a pound or more after months of working out

Willis Raburu on weightloss journey – opts for surgery

However for some reason Amira claims she lost 36kgs in barely 3 months….I mean even Raburu took a few months before he shed off the first 30kgs after his bypass surgery that aimed at slimming him down. So yea – tell me what magic Amira used to lose weight yet even surgery cant have you shedding off weight that fast.

Anyway not that I am here to judge – but, truth is maybe Amira should stop putting unnecessary pressure to many looking for ways they can lose weight and instead motivate them by speaking the truth…..since she’s now a media personality.

Even Anerlisa Muigai preached how juicing can help lose weight, and watu wakamshtuka baadae because it was obvious she had surgery to lose her excess weight.

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