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Amira issues Jimal with an ultimatum if he truly wants her back

April 14, 2022 at 14:15
Amira issues Jimal with an ultimatum if he truly wants her back

Amira wants us to believe that she is currently coparenting with ex husband, Jimal Rohosafi – but fans feel the two are still together, but are playing mind games like every other celebrity out here.

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Well, the reason their love seems so obvious is because Jimal cant stop sharing posts about his past with Amira…the throwbacks, watching football together and his recent response to a comment she left on Harmonize’s post.

Jimal spending quality time with Amira

According to Amira, the only way she can get back with an ex who embarrassed her in public – is by him apologizing big. Maybe buy her a Range Rover like Harmonize did for Kajala – if not, she’s not boarding. She wrote;

If the apology is not this loud. Am not boarding, apology as loud as the disrespect. Period!

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Harmonize gifts ex a Range Rover

Jimal responds to ultimatum

From what I have learnt is that the Range Rover costs around Ksh 3.7 to 4M something I’m sure Jimal wouldn’t mind spending on his wifey…. but being a man who survives on loans like Amira put it, then it means he’ll end up broke. Right?

Anyway having seen his wife’s comment on Harmonize’s post – Jimal then responded saying:

@being_amira🙈 @hudumacrefitke si itaanguka🤔

And you’re still wondering whether the Jimal’s are back together?


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