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Amira Narrates How Jimal Killed Their Unborn Baby In 2021 (Photo)

March 06, 2023 at 14:14
Amira Narrates How Jimal Killed Their Unborn Baby In 2021 (Photo)

New developments have been unearthed on the relationship between flamboyant businessman Jimal Roho Safi and his ex-wife Amira. Unlike his name ‘Roho Safi’, Amira claims otherwise after her reports that Jimal is actually a brutal and uncaring man.

Amira has been engaging her fans recently on what really led to their fall-out other than Amber Ray. She has shared a series of reasons why she decided to walk out of their marriage.

Amira was in dire need of divorce after her separation. And indeed, she did. She shared photographic evidence of the same via her Instagram stories.

Toxic Dad?

Even though Amira did not disclose whether she is co-parenting with Jimal, she shared that her sons would one day learn that she tolerated a toxic relationship with Jimal for their sake.

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Further, Amira has now delivered her harangue at Jimal and revealed how she mis-carried their baby because of Jimal.

”He did and was actually pregnant at that time (2021) and it was his sisters wedding being done in my house. That was the latest incident let me not talk of how he used to beat me nikiwa hata 9 months pregnant with my son Amir… This time he hit me infront of my kids his parents and his family and they stood there actually gassing him up to beat me and thats when I was done… (Had a miscarriage) . I know some of y’all here were at my house that day. You can come and confirm if this is true….”

Jimal has since remained silent over the paramount exposé by his ex-wife.


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