Amira needs to find new friends

The other day Jimal was on social media throwing shade at ex wife, Amira who he claims has been using black magic on him….and thanks to detailed interview with Ankali – Jimal finally explained why he accuses the mother of his kids of bewitching him.

Jimal and wife, Amira

Well according to Jimal Rohosafi – his ex wife’s friends have been telling him what Amira has been upto…and turns out she allegedly flies to Tz for juju to make Jimal live in a bubble.

Tumekaa na yeye miaka 15 kila mtu anajuana kwa vilemba. Siwezi kua naamka asubuhi kama kiongozi naongea kama mwenda wazimu na ako na marafiki wananipatia tu story yake,

And for this reason, Jimal then decided next time Amira shares photos on her way to Tz he would react – hence what he recently wrote on his page saying;

Someone’s mind never relaxes. Hatauende wapi kuongeza dawa nguvu hiyo tushajua. My advice come back to God, work hard and move on.

Jimal a gossipmonger

Well seeing that these two are not about to coparent in peace or even forget about each other – lets just say the drama just got started.

However on the other hand – i cant help but wonder why Jimal is in touch with his ex wife’s friends. I mean – is not this umama? Or again – why entertain slithering snakes whisper in his ears about the mother of his kids? Didnt the Adam and Eve story not teach him anything?

And on Amira’s part – i cant help but wonder why she keeps running her mouth around friends who she knows would easily betray her. Maybe she might have joked about bewitching the guy after he put her through hell….hence misinterpreted and reported to Jimal.

I am not saying this is what happened but truth is – If Amira knows what is best for her – then she should change her circle of friends. Period.

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