Amira runs to Kadhis court to file for divorce from husband, Jimal (Photo)

Someone somewhere said Amira and Jimal could be using Amber Ray to get the attention they need for their businesses and this is starting to makes sense.

However we also can’t be too sure since Amira might have just filed for a divorce from her highschool sweetheart that is judging from a photo she shared on her page a few days ago.

Amira files for divorce?

Well, it all started after Jimal celebrated his other woman, Amber Ray on her birthday; a move that left Amira annoyed, heartbroken, bitter and ready to divorce her husband. The now upcoming socialite through her Instagram page wrote;

  The audacity!! U couldn’t even post your son on his birthday

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Amira ready to divorce Jimal?

Well…it all seemed like a joke until Amira posted a photo at the Kadhis court; where we believe she may have gone to file for a divorce after husband publicly embarrassed her once again.

Through her Instagram Amira shared the photo below to which she captioned;

It’s about time.

Amira runs to Kadhis court, files for divorce

However we can’t be too sure that she actually filed for a divorce since there is no proof to show what went down during her meeting at the Kadhis court.

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But judging from the fact that Jimal is currently in Nairobi while Amber Ray is in coast proves that some damage control is being done, and chances are that Amira amerudisha roho chini. No? Aki mapenzi Wewe.

Anyway in case they divorce, does that mean Amber Ray now moves up the rank to first wife leaving the side chick position open? Alaaa!

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