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Amira Shows Off Body Transformation After Losing 17 Kgs (Photo)

August 11, 2022 at 10:23
Amira Shows Off Body Transformation After Losing 17 Kgs (Photo)

There’s always that ex who becomes hotter after your break-up and makes you regret why you had to leave them. Some of them even hit the gym to have that revenge body and just make you feel jealous for leaving them. And Jimal’s ex-wife Amira has done exactly this. She has become more $exier than before after losing a whooping 17 Kilograms.

Jimal and Amira separated several months ago with Amira citing that the businessman was a serial cheater and didn’t inform her about the idea of having a 2nd wife, who happened to be Amber Ray.

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Body Goals

The businesswoman took to her Instagram to narrate how she turned over a new leaf by working on herself. She flaunted a before and after photo of herself comparing her weight and penned an encouraging message;

”When i said am working on Myself i meant it!
It’s important to remind yourself of how
far you’ve come and how far you can go just take it one step at a time.I decided to make a beautiful life for myself and i will only look back to see my growth!The grass is not greener on the other side;It’s greener where you water it.

and that’s on putting myself first👊🏽
I done did it!I’m so proud of myself!
This is how -17kgs looks like *pats myself on the back*”

Rumour has it that Amber and Amira are in a hefty competition on who’s going to look sexier than the other. But the difference in Amira’s current and previous physique is conspicuous. I bet Jimal is now salivating to get her back.



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