An abandoned car connected to Sheila Odoyo’s husband was discovered in Kencom

A vehicle purportedly belonging to the spouse of the late Ohangla dancer Sheila Odoyo, also known as Sheila Wegesha, has been discovered. The car was found abandoned in the Kencom area within Nairobi’s CBD, as reported by the police. Authorities are eager to interview Jackson Bambo, aged 45, to glean any information he may possess regarding Sheila’s tragic demise. Bambo has been identified as a person of interest in the investigation. Sources indicate that he was driving the vehicle when he left his residence on Thursday, with the last signal from his whereabouts traced to Narok. However, he has yet to make contact with law enforcement regarding the situation.

Sheila was found deceased in her residence on Thursday, her throat reportedly slit. According to police statements, her 18-year-old daughter made the grim discovery of her mother’s lifeless body in bed, prompting her to raise the alarm. The daughter recounted preparing lunch for her mother and then attempting to wake her for the meal, only to find her already deceased. Authorities arrived at the scene around 1 pm on Thursday, May 9, discovering the body with a pool of dried blood nearby, indicating that she had passed away over four hours earlier. Following the necessary processing, the body was transferred to the mortuary.

Reports from law enforcement suggest that the couple had been experiencing marital discord for some time. The pair jointly managed a popular bar in Nairobi’s Umoja area. An autopsy performed by pathologist Dr. Michieka Michieka at the Shalom Community Hospital mortuary revealed that Sheila Wegesha succumbed to exsanguination. Exsanguination refers to the process of severe blood loss. Dr. Michieka cited sharp force trauma to the neck as the cause of death after examining the body. Samples were also collected for DNA and toxicology analysis. Bambo reportedly left the residence without a word to their daughter, who was present at the time.

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