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“Anaona swimming pool” Fans troll Vera Sidika after sharing video showing husband her privates

November 04, 2020 at 20:00
"Anaona swimming pool" Fans troll Vera Sidika after sharing video showing husband her privates

Vera Sidika is quite excited about her marriage to Brown Mauzo. If I am not wrong, the former socialite must be feeling lucky to have found a man who accepts her for who she is. Well, lets just say that most guys that could have bagged her probably fear being reminded of the life she used to live back then.

But hey, another man saw her worth and decided to dump his wife and daughter for her. The two, Brown and Vera have been married for a month or two and from the way they both seem in love; kamati ya roho on social media continue to look for ways to take away this joy.

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Anyway, just a few days ago the socialite went on to share a video where hubby Brown Mauzo is seen peeping into her night gown. Gross. Yes, I said it – I mean it may have seemed necessary to parade this on social media; but hold up Vera, that’s too much.

Fans bash both Vera and Brown Mauzo

With this, fans on the other hand could not stomach the fact that these two were out here parading their bedroom vibe. Apart from most calling them out; it appears that all the mean comments were directed to Vera Sidika. One went on to comment;

antidot_special_ Ati anaangalia mortuary 😂

While another made it look so personal by writting;

ndungu_tosh Enjoying the swimming pool😂😂😂

Well, thats the social media life and since Vera is serving it on her page, who are we to ignore this?



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