Anaunguza! Somebody better check on Mike Sonko, dude is not fine

I know we love to see Mike Sonko clwoning on social media, right? Like honestly – you can never tell whats up with the fella, one day ako tu sawa the next day he is sharing information on people who he barely knows or even interracts with….like his recent outburst on Ntalami and the late Chiloba being lovers.

Mike Sonko adding unnecessary weight loss

I remember while doing the story, I mentioned he might need to change his circle of friends….that is if Ntalami’s heartfelt message to the late Chiloba had him convinced that friends don’t pour out their hearts like that to fellow friends…nikama akona circle of magaidi, who will never mourn him when his time comes.

Mike Sonko should see a psychologist – he is not fine

Anyway barely a week and the former Nairobi governor has a new tale on a certain sitting governor who has been slapped by the super Gonorrhoea circulating in Nairobi. Okay wait….is it just me ama huyu governor anasema ni wa hiyo county imechafuka? Asking for my readers…

But again, it’s mike Sonko – the everyday clown in our government and yea – believe it or not there are kenyans who will still queue and vote him in during elections.

Anyway we also cant forget how he told off Karen Nyamu for fighting Edday in Dubai….and although the two were besties before this, nikama pia Karen Nyamu noticed former governor isnt fine…..and ill say it again….it may sound like a joke but honestly, nikama mhesh anakula kitu inampeleka mbio.

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