Andrew Kibe breathes fire after Azziad’s brutal reply to his DM (Video)

Controversial radio personality, Andrew Kibe is a guy known not to table differing opinions from his own. He speaks his mind and bluntly so and does not like it when one rattles his comfort.

The former KISS 100 presenter took on Internet sensation, Azziad Nasenya after her nasty reply to his DM.

During their recent morning show with Kamene before his ext, Kibe narrated how he tried sliding into the TikTok Queen’s DM just to ask for an interview before she openly told him to talk to her manager first, if he needed her services.

KISS 100 presenter, Andrew Kibe

A move that Kibe took as very rude and unwelcoming of the 20-year old. Adding that the dancer and actress had the usual auto-generated responses:

Skiza buda, talk to my manager, he/she is the one who handles my bookings.

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What shocked the radio presenter the more was that Azziad was still too young to throw around such kind of replies.

Me I thought she was like 300 years old na amekuwa akifanya hii job for many years. Kumbe ni dame wa 20 years, why was I even stepping into her DM?

Azziad Nasenya

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Loudly bashing:

Azziad, shame on you for allowing me to step into your DM!

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