Andrew Kibe: Burale and other pastors I was friends with blocked me after I left church 

Radio presenter Andrew Kibe was once a pastor. He, however, left the job because he eventually saw that people he was around were fake and nothing but pretenders.

“I was not good enough because I could not lie enough like most pastors do, and so I left the club of fakeness and started a new life,” he said.


Kibe went on to add that after backsliding all his fellow pastors including Robert Burale walked away.

“I was not good enough and so they never made me a pastor. I only prayed for myself. The club of friends I was with blocked me because they said I was too outspoken or something like that. In 2009, I discovered Christiandom and got saved. After that, I tried it a couple of years and later went to India to do the mobile application.”

“Religion should be very personal and no one should tell you what to be. I changed a couple of things in my life,” he added.

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