Andrew Kibe calls out feminists for missing Maandamano Monday

Andrew Kibe has decided to give us an overload of the truth and once again, he’s right on the money as he noted that there were 5 groups of people who were noticeably absent from the mass action called by Raila to protest the high cost of living.

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Given how loud Kenya’s pseudo middle class are, one would expect that they’d jump at the chance to go and demonstrate in solidarity with their fellow Kenyans as they agitate for lower living costs which could be facilitated either by subsidies or lesser taxes but none were present to be counted.


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The 5 groups Kibe highlighted who were missing were: malayas (Huddah come collect your own), feminists, socialites and members of the LGBTQ were also absent. The thing about these 5 groups is that they are made up of the middle class and are loud and often brazen on social media but none stood to be counted.

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There are two groups who I don’t think we’d ever see come out to fight the political system; malayas and LGBTQ. It’s not like we will see them hold up banners declaring their presence as the protesters would turn on at least one-half of the group so on that, Andrew Kibe is doubtless trolling.

But socialites have taken to pontificating about what we should or shouldn’t do and they are so condescending you’d be forgiven for thinking they are speaking to little children or people they somehow have decided are beneath them.

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And Kibe is especially right about feminists who would have you believe they are demanding true equality but all they ever truly want is superiority. They are an extremely lazy bunch; wait at the finish line of social justice and development and demand to be given something they hadn’t worked for.

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