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Andrew Kibe Claims Eric Omondi Lied About Miscarriage

November 10, 2022 at 15:38
Andrew Kibe Claims Eric Omondi Lied About Miscarriage

Andrew Kibe is back at it again. And this time, he’s on Eric Omondi’s neck.
The jester is infamously known for his clout chasing tactics- most of which are surreptitiously orchestrated by him.
You’d remember vividly how he lied about impregnating Miss P. He shared a photo of himself in tandem with Miss P flaunting a grown baby bump.
This was among his numerous clout chasing stunts, not forgetting to mention wife material escapades.

Clout or Truth?

Eric’s claims of losing an unborn baby with his girlfriend Lynn has roped in netizens’ reaction. Some have shown him sympathy, while others are still reluctant to believe the news.
Andrew Kibe is one of those who believe Eric is out for clout.
Through his YouTube, he strongly denigrated the jester for posting the loss.

“Hii clout chasing hatuchoki nayo?, ” Kibe said in part.

According to Kibe, Eric Omondi planned the whole thing. The conspicuous thing was Eric posting Lynn as she cried.
Kibe claims whenever there’s a camera involved, it means who ever is posting already knows what’s about to happen- you dig?
And that’s exactly the case with Eric Omondi

Watch Andrew Kibe’s full interview video below:



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