Andrew Kibe Defends Self Over Lustful Message He Sent To Shakilla (Video)

The conspicuous online tiff between Shakilla and Andrew Kibe is going haywire, and there’s no doubt that Shakilla is now making her limelight comeback with her exposé.

Kibe hasn’t denied making his move for the young socialite. But according to him, Shakilla unearthed the screenshot of their messages from the year 2020; and decided to expose his lustful side after he slid in her DM.

It happened during Xtian Dela’s famous Club Covid controversial online show. And Shakilla was one of the bigwigs who twerked her way to fame.

This was one of the reasons why Kibe made the move. Apparently, he asked Shakilla, ”You’re still pantyless”? And Shakilla liked the message. 2 years later, Shakilla responds to the DM asking, ”What’s the meaning of this?” She then decides to expose the whole conversation, igniting a beef between them.

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Kibe Defends Self

Kibe remains disenchanted with Shakilla’s exposé as he hurled insults at the young socialite for trying to remain relevant using his name. To add salt to the injury, Kibe’s close friend has threatened to release explicit videos of Shakilla during the Club Covid show. For now, both Kibe and Shakilla remain silent on the matter.

Watch Kibe’s full video below;


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