Andrew Kibe Explains Why His Marriage Failed Terribly

Popular blogger Andrew Kibe has finally opened up on the reason his marriage failed terribly. Many people believe that Kibe changed from the man he was before his marriage and became bitter, angry, and problematic.

Andrew Kibe is a Kenyan media personality who rose to prominence with his co-host Kamene Goro on the NRG Breakfast show. In the morning shows, he was basically a man of controversy who slid with the “boychild.” One thing that stands out about him is that he has been speaking venomously on air.

His ex wife on there other hand looks like a responsible tough woman who could have made the perfect wife; but oh well, things didn’t work out as expected for the two.

From the new photos shared online, it’s evident to see that Kibe was once a healthy man; with at least glowing skin which later changed thanks to alcohol and whatever else he abuses.

Kibe recently revealed that he met his wife while serving in church.

His wife was also a member of the choir.

Kibe claimed that his wife was the ideal woman when they were dating, but after they married in a church ceremony, she began to reveal her true colours. Kibe adds that he was still young by then- and he came to fathom that marriage isn’t his thing.

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