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Andrew Kibe Goes After Size 8 And Her Husband DJ Mo (Video)

September 02, 2022 at 10:44
Andrew Kibe Goes After Size 8 And Her Husband DJ Mo (Video)

DJ Mo and his gospel artist wife Size 8 have been on the spotlight recently over their separation that was confirmed by the musician 2 days ago.

Gospel musician and pastor Size confirmed she moved out of her matrimonial home after her hubby, DJ Mo made her angry.

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Size 8 left DJ Mo mid-last week with their two children. Efforts by friends and family to reconcile the two bore no fruits as Size 8 was very angry with her husband.

According to Size 8, it was a shrewd decision to leave the home in order to avoid arguments with DJ Mo.

”People are asking, is it true mama Wambo leaved her house? Did you run away from DJ Mo’s matrimonial home? Yes, I did. I ran away and I was very angry at DJ Mo. Alikuwa amenikosea. ”

Andrew Kibe Reacts

Kibe has now attacked the couple stating that they should keep their relationship under wraps in order to avoid trending over their predicaments. The Rogue Radio CEO denigrated the two sweethearts for not being able to settle their differences over and over- since it’s not the first time the two are separating.

Watch Andrew Kibe’s full video below;


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