Andrew Kibe- How Women Are Disrupting Content Creators From Delivering

Last year, Kenyans reportedly liked more local content on online platforms than traditional media.

This is according to a report released by YouTube in December 2nd, highlighting the top 10 content creators who were at the top of the curve in 2022.

The content ranged from the General Election, comedies, music, religion, and real-life talk shows.

Most Kenyans have tackled the latter content; with some immensely thriving.

Those in the top ten were Nicholas Kioko, Churchill Television, Jackie Matubia, Comrade’s Flavour, TT Comedian, and SamSpedy, a Nigerian Comedian, respectively.

From the pool of Kenyan content creators, actress Jackie Matubia’s YouTube channel registered the highest number of new subscriptions. She was also ranked as the top breakout content creator.

Others were, 2mbili Tv, Obinna TV, Okumba Junior, Aicy Stevens & Nick Kwach, Austin Muigai, Ariane Dashian, Hunch show, NichLmao, and I am Kabugi.

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Andrew Kibe On Women Pulling Back Content Creators

Kibe has always had his say; some of which make sense. This time, the Rogue Radio CEO went ahead to claim that most content creators are being held behind by their girlfriends; who came into their life after they became famous. He gave examples of Commentator 254 & Presenter Ali. According to Kibe, a couple of them have been lazy to create content because of spending time with their girlfriends. The latter sentiments are manifested via their YouTube. And to be honest, they’re not creating content regularly like they previously did.

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