Andrew Kibe is back to his old self and we love him

Image: I was copy-pasting my story to both ladies - Andrew Kibe confesses

Andrew Kibe is finally back to speaking his mind and we love it! The straight talking former Kiss FM and NRG Radio personality is back on IG shooting straight from the hip.

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His topics too are back to being the type of stuff that gained him notoriety: man-talk. And he makes no apologies over the matter, instead doubling down much to the chagrin of alot of women.

Andrew Kibe

He discusses matters Kenyan women and how they manipulate men, he discusses male weakness and how to improve and he also discusses inter-gender dynamics after the advent of feminism and how it ruined things.

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And because he doesn’t have to balance corporate interests with content, he can be as savage as he wants and that is what we the audience are demanding: blood sport.

Andrew Kibe
Andrew Kibe’s new station ‘Rogue Radio’ officially goes Live on air

To be fair, he is not doing anything new. This format of content is what has been used in America by Kevin Samuels to amass a crazy following.

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However, this is the first time it has been adapted for the African and more specifically, the Kenyan audience.

Andrew Kibe
Controversial radio show presenter and blogger, Andrew Kibe

So what we are currently dealing with is a man who is helping men attempt to better their lot in life while simultaneously letting them know about the types of women to avoid.

Because really, Andrew Kibe has learnt from personal failure that the woman by your side could either make or break you and who better to give you advice than a man who has had it all and lost it?

Andrew Kibe
Xtian Dela, Andrew Kibe and Kamene

And there are even no sacred cows. Andrew Kibe recently took shots at his former co-worker and partner in crime, Xtiandela who used to produce the show that he and Kamene Goro were on at Kiss 100.

I am glad he is back to his old self and I for onw am looking forward to continuing to enjoy his content.

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