Andrew Kibe Is Right About Cheating Celebrities

We witnessed so much drama & theatrics last year from a couple of celebrities. Like any other year, there’s always something to talk about; and it’s the reason why blogs & vlogs exist. There’s always something hot & intriguing to talk about when it comes to celebrities. In the past year, some were bent out of shape, while others were on cloud nine.

At least there’s room for learning from these celebrities; especially when it comes to matters concerning relationships.

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A 2nd Chance


Some have been caught cheating on their partners and have gotten a 2nd chance; while others have not. Good examples of those who were forgiven after they were discovered cheating include Kabi WaJesus, Terence Creative, DJ Mo, Jalang’o, et cetera. But at what cost?

Well, according to Andrew Kibe, there’s a price to pay when your wife finds out your cheating on them. You’ll have to do things inadvertently whenever they tell you. In other words, you’ll be like their slave. If you won’t cooperate they’ll keep bringing up your cheating story; something that would progress an eternity.

Andrew Kibe claims it’s shrewd enough to walk away after your wife/girlfriend finds out that you were/are cheating on them- or else become their slave.


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