Andrew Kibe is right about not dating above your pay grade

Image: Former KISS 100 presenter, Andrew Kibe

Andrew Kibe is back to serving us the type of content that originally made him famous to begin with. You see, when he first started out, Kibe as his fans call him was making content for men.

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It was social commentary that sort to advise men on how to survive in a world that seems to only become increasingly difficult for everyone, men seem to bear the brunt of things.

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That includes but doesn’t exclusively limits itself to gender relations. And that is what made Andrew Kibe famous because a lot of men are struggling with this particular aspect of life.

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You see, from when that man was a little boy, to when that boy became a teenager then a young man, he was taught to work hard, get good grades, land a great job and make a great income for himself working either as a businessman or as an employee. But no one tells the man how to go about organizing his social life especially around the one aspect that dominates a lot of his thinking capacity -getting laid.

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And so Kibe now is going back to basics and a video that I saw get shared a lot on social media this past weekend was one in which he was telling men to date women within their income level.

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And what Kibe meant by that was exemplified by the example of a man from Lang’ata dating a woman from Umoja -and even that is a stretch. This was his way of introducing the topic of hypergamy.

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This is women’s evolved propensity to date men either at their level (at worst) or at a higher financial level than they are at.

This is actually sound advice for men who are looking to date even as they build themselves. Kibe is trying to tell men that women will always be looking out for the next upgrade and while I agree with this idea he is putting forth, I am also going to argue that this should be the least of your focus, men should instead seek to be the best possible versions of themselves.

If you as a man focus on improving yourself, you will soon be able to demand the best. But at the heart of it, what Kibe is saying is what your uncle should have taught you. He should have told you that at the end of the day, women seek security from men and in our civilized world, that means financial security.

And in truth, there is nothing wrong with this dating strategy as women have to contend with the question of not only their survival but also that of their offspring.


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