Andrew Kibe is right about Terence Creative being a weak simp

Ever since the ridiculous video of Terence Creative dancing in bikers surfaced on social media he has been savaged and everyone was tagging Andrew Kibe for his hot take on the matter and boy did he deliver!

Terence Creative needs to love his wife away from social media

We have been treated to an exciting evisceration of the clown that is Terence. We get it, he is a quote-on-quote comedian who doesn’t really have funny humour or jokes but this is such a low blow for him to constantly pander to his audience by emasculating himself the constant self-deprecating humour is actually just jarring.

For some reason he has begun to do a lot more comedy that features him dancing in very feminine ways or making himself seem small and inadequate. This is a far cry from what he used to do that made him also popular back in the lockdown days.

EXCLUSIVE: Terence Creative reportedly battered by wife Milly Chebby

Remember when he was performing the skits involving gold scams? Remember when he was performing skits about wash wash? That is what solidified him as a household name. Took a lot of creativity. That is who we came to love as Terence creative.

Terence Creative and wife Milly Chebby

Or maybe it’s just a simple case of writer’s block. Perhaps he’s at a point in his life where thecreative juices aren’t really flowing. And so now he is going after low-hanging knowing that she’s at a point where his fame cannot reduce.

Terence Creative is a cuck

Whatever the case may be he will ultimately alienate a large portion of his male audience because no man wants to see another man emasculate himself, no man wants to another man put on a dress and call it comedy or wear skin tights enjoy read like a woman thinking he is being hilarious.

Terence creative will find that he will have alienated and large section of his female audience as well as a lot of women in Kenya conservative Christian Society as well as the conservative Muslim Society don’t find his antics funny. And as his engagements begin to dwindle so too will the size of the checks he receives to endorse different properties and projects.


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