Andrew Kibe Is Right About Willy Paul Being A Philanderer

Kibe’s sentiments on how celebrities behave and how they should behave has been hailed by numerous fans. On several occasions, he makes denigratory statements aimed at Kenyan celebs; some who reply to him with fury. Kibe has not only created content with the latter, but he has also shaped some few celebrities.

Recently, he went after Willy Paul, terming him as a womanizer for his peculiar acts. Pozze is arguably one of the most controversial singers in the Kenyan music scene.

And some of his controversies involves $ex scandals. He had to cancel his nick name bwana mkunaji, citing that it contributed to his scandals.

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Kibe On Willy Paul

The rise, fall and then rise again of Andrew Kibe

Kibe’s sentiments can be justified by some of Pozze’s scandals.

In November last year, reports said that the controversial Gospel singer had been hospitalized after he took an overdose of Spedra, a sex stimulant that was said to be stronger than viagra.

Similarly, Pozee has been accused of siring kids out of wedlock and having several baby mamas.

Remember his scandal with Miss P? She said Willy Paul started sexually assaulting her as soon as she started her studio sessions with him. Eventually, she pulled out of Willy’s label.

These are among the numerous scandals that can justify Kibe’s sentiments. I’m also in agreement that the singer is a mere philanderer.

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