Andrew Kibe Reacts To Viral Video Of Size 8 Casting Out Demons-‘What Nonesense Is This?’ (Video)

Size 8’s transition from secular to gospel music was the genesis of the negative reactions she received after her viral video casting out demons from some fellas in her church. Most reprimanded the act and termed it as staged. It’s really hard to convince Kenyans that you have the ability to cast out demons when you, yourself, were once a secular artist.

Size 8 received all kinds of mockery and decided she could no longer remain oblivious to the obnoxious comments. Her response was even more naive to netizens as she declared she was given the power by God to cast out demons.

God has been teaching me to use my authority in Christ Jesus by faith I call into existance that which is not……..

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Andrew Kibe Reacts

The reaction from Kibe was imminent. He’s always ready to pounce on such issues. And he has now termed Size 8’s act as despicable and unruly. To begin with, Kibe believes a woman has no ability to cast out demons. He outlined his reasons of not endorsing Size 8’s work as a pastor.

”What nonesense is this? Red flag number one, she’s a female pastor. Number 2, she’s not even covering her hair. Number 3, look at how she’s dressed?”

Kibe also went ahead to advise his fans not to attend churches where demons are cast out, stating that it’s just a circus of confused individuals.

Watch Kibe’s full video below;

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