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Andrew Kibe Reacts To Zari Going For Younger Men (Video)

June 16, 2022 at 10:33
Andrew Kibe Reacts To Zari Going For Younger Men (Video)

For all we know, Zari is a fan of ‘toy boys’ and she’s always hopping from one to another. This time, the socialite went for a younger one, who seems to be the same age as her first born son. In less than a month, Zari replaced GK Choppa, who we thought would have lasted a little bit longer. But on the bright side, at least the fella got the chance to hit & run. I mean, who would mind being in a relationship with Zari for even a week? She’s got the looks and the curves.

Either way, Zari is never tardy when it comes to replacing her men. It seems like she got this character from her baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz, who can’t stick to one chick. But at least the musician admitted he’s not a loyal dude. He even referred to himself as a b*ch! And Zari decided to follow suit.

Kibe Reacts

This is why Andrew Kibe has delivered his harangue to her; considering she’s a mother of 5 and a billionaire. The former Kiss FM presenter has greatly denounced Zari’s behaviour of replacing men, especially with youngins.

”Look at someone like Zari, she’s a h*e. What is she doing? She’s moving from one small boy to the next…And she still comes to our country and all our celebrities are there drooling just to take a photo with her. We can’t be serious. This is what we’re elevating. We’re selling this… But nobody has said a thing like, what is this h*e doing in our country?…”

Kibe likened Zari’s behaviour with Akothee & Vera Sidika. Watch his full video below;


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