Andrew Kibe went too far in rubbishing Jeff Mwathi’s death

Yesterday on his podcast Andrew came out to give his opinion on the death of Jeff Mwathi, DJ Fatxo’s alleged friend. He rubbished the entire thing saying that he couldn’t bring himself to feel anything for a stranger. In his exact words


“Siifeel, nitaifeel saa ngapi? Sifeel, when I feel it I will post it on Twitter, I don’t care”


As someone who believes that sometimes Kibe is right and sometimes he is wrong, on this one I believe he is completely in the wrong. It is absolutely not cool to rubbish the dead especially when they  didn’t do anything to you. What’s so hard about paying your respects and moving on? It would have cost Kibe nothing. But he weighed between paying respects and moving on vs kicking a man when he is dead for the likes and he chose the latter.


This is one of the worst shows of poor moral character I’ve ever seen from Kibe, and that’s saying something. Not speaking ill of the dead is one of the most foundational basic character traits that people are taught at a young age. Who raised this man? His parents wherever they are should be ashamed of themselves and their poor job they did of raising a man who at close to 50 years of age still results to juvenile things such as laughing at dead people for likes on the internet.

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