Andrew Kibe’s advise to Bahati after losing Mathare MP seat

Finally we all know who the president is and after days of waiting to see how things will go…looks like Kenyans are ready to jump right back where they left from just before the election, hoping maybe soon – things will start to change for the nation. I mean, it’s a new era and whether we like it or not…life has to move on.

Bahati’s bitter political career

Well with some of our new favorite elected candidates assuming office soon, Bahati unfortunately will not be one of them since he lost to Anthony Oluoch of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM).

With that of course Bahati will have to focus on something else and that is what Andrew Kibe is actually telling him judging from his latest vlog. Speaking to Bahati who lost the Mathare MP seat, Kibe sai;

Bahanye didn’t win so at least we have something to celebrate. I don’t know what to feel for you. I know you put a lot of effort into it and you feel very disappointed.

Hold your head high and move on

Okay, as you already know Kibe has never been the kind of man to speak in a humble manner and whether giving advise or bashing – he sounds the same but for the time we can say he was abit polite with Bahati.

Still advising him on how to handle rejection from Kenyans, Kibe went on to tell Bahati;

It felt good for the moment that it lasted, till next time. Take your hands put it down your pants and cup your nuts and realize that you are a man and go out there and do some other sh*t. These guys have rejected you.

Well, wel all hope he finds the courage to speak out now that it’s been days since he lost but continues to maintain his silence.

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