Andrew Kibe’s Fight Vs Influencers- Is It Worth It?

Andrew Kibe’s impeccable antics in roasting Kenyan celebrities has caused endless disenchantment with celebrities who’s comebacks are imminent. As a matter of fact, most celebrities have built bitter beef with the former Kiss FM presenter for taunting them.

Kibe took his niche in content creation after coming up with obnoxious sentiments about celebrities. He spews everything on what he thinks is right. From talking about how celebrities should behave, to how men shouldn’t be simps when it comes to relationships. He has been able to diversify his content along the same pool.

The fascinating thing is, most people are actually interested in Kibe’s content roasting celebrities. His YouTube Channel is thriving immensely and he’s not stopping at any cost. Recently, Kibe flaunted a screenshot of Presenter Ali threatening him for talking about him & his girlfriend.

Kibe Vs Celebrities

By now, it’s pretty obvious that Andrew Kibe’s content is being watched by thousands. For him, it means more money. That’s the thing that keeps him motivated to keep mocking celebrities. While other celebrities would eschew response on Kibe’s sentiments, some like Presenter Ali are not willing to let the issue slide. Hitting back further pushes his agenda. The only way to avoid un-necessary attention is to let Kibe be. It’s his niche that earns him a living anyway.

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