Anerlisa Muigai giving obvious hints on why she dumped ex husband, Ben Pol (Screenshots)

Keroche breweries heiress Anerlisa Muigai is clearly fed up with one of her ex’s and we every reason to believe it’s Ben Pol.

These two had one of the best low key weddings only to end up partying ways in one bitter breakup. For a minute many blamed Anerlisa Muigai as they assumed she could have been the toxic one especially with all that money in her name.

Of course Ben Pol bloggers to believe so especially after his post where he wrote;

Ben Pol to Anerlisa


Anerlisa finally speaking out?

Well, seems like the breakup is about to take another twist thanks to the recent posts shared by Ms Aner.

Just a few days ago the lass went on to rant about ‘not being any body’s baby mama;’ adding that she couldn’t be controlled.

Barely 3 days after this post, Aner has once again shared another post which also seems to point at ex Ben Pol. The post read;

Dont fvck over the current person in your life for someone from your past. Your past always pops up when your future looks bright.

And in another;

It feels great to finally breathe

Judging from the posts shared above, it’s evident that Anerlisa wants to speak her truth out; but prefers using posts to pass her message across.

Well Ben Pol being the current ex who also has a very pretty baby mama; means that all the evidence being shared by Aner is clearly directed to him.

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