Anerlisa Muigai has finally admitted the truth about fat women

Image: Anerlisa Muigai

I saw Anerlisa Muigai spoke about her experience with being fat and I had to applaud her. She has done a dangerous thing by speaking truth to the world about the fat people’s reality (but really this is more of a female thing). And with that, she has probably earned the ire of many a feminist and fat girl.

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You see, the unspoken truth about being fat is that you cannot be happy in an obese body because being fat is unhealthy and our minds are wired to be sad and depressed when we’re unhealthy. Do not argue with me, go and argue with your mother about what the science has proven time and again.

However, the sisterhood has silenced all the voices of women who are speaking this truth and actively attempting to get healthy. I kid you not, when Anerlisa Muigai said this truth, she was probably told she has internalized misogyny. As if she was trying to get healthy for the approval of men (we know she was but we aren’t trying to examine that level of truth just yet).

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She has ofcourse earned angry responses from women before when she embarked on her change in lifestyle that probably saved her life because she was morbidly obese. And as a result, she looks beautiful, more healthy and clearly happier but other celebrities such as Neomi Ng’ang’a would silence her because they preach the opposite message and then shame men for not finding obesity alluring. Then again Kenyan men too are fatsos so… Checkmate I guess.

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There are reasons why she can be this honest and free and most of them can be summed up as her being financially independent. She doesn’t have to fear losing endorsement deals. Another reason is the fact that she has literally lived through the hell of obesity and the pure joy of being fit.

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Actually, the only mistake she made through all of this was by lying about the method she employed. She didn’t earn her body by working hard at the gym or we would have seen the subsequent muscle gain (sexy) and toning. She lied she did by dieting and juicing but that would have resulted in saggy skin. She went under the knife and there is no shame in that but she has given us her story and she’s sticking to it.

If there is one thing Kenyan women need to take seriously about her message it is the health benefits and boost in self-esteem. And here we are going to focus back on depression as a consequence of obesity. Why lie to yourself or hang out with a group of friends who do not tell you God’s honest truth about your health and size? e get it, life happens, and children are born but you can always work out. Find time to actually love yourself. Find the time to get beautiful. Find the time to fight against those intrusive depressive thoughts you’ve been enduring.

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Hopefully, Anerlisa’s admission sparks a healthy lifestyle movement cos lord knows Nairobi girls are down to ape and copy anything their favourite celebrity or influencers spews.


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