Anerlisa Muigai opens up about her divorce and relationship regrets (Video)


Anerlisa Muigai has been keeping a low profile for months now since announcing her divorce from singer Benpol. The Keroche heiress for a minute made it look like she was doing all fine until the day she had enough; took a social media break only to make a come back a few days ago.

Anerlisa and ex hubby, Ben Pol

Well, with her back to making news Anerlisa Muigai recently held an interview with several bongo media outlets where she briefly spoke about her divorce. Judging from how calm and composed Anerlisa looked during the interview, we have reason to believe that she is finally over her love for the bongo singer, Benpol.

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However being a wise lady, the Keroche heiress did not disclose much about her past with the singer; but she openly blamed him for speaking or rather over sharing about their relationship problems – when he could have avoided all that by staying quiet.

Ben Pol and Anerlisa

No regrets

Although she thinks that Benpol made an immature decision discussing their marital issues online; Anerlisa says that she has no regrets whatsoever as to what their marriage resulted to. Divorce.

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The lady revealed this during the interview leaving the Tanzanian journalists digging deeper to see what else Anerlisa would reveal.

Watch the detailed interview here courtesy of Bongo 5.



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