Anerlisa Muigai Regrets Ignoring Red Flags In Her Previous Relationship

Of late, Anerlisa Muigai has been spewing hints on what more led to her fall-out with her ex-husband Ben Pol.

The two got married in March 2020 and Ben Pol filed for divorce in early 2021.

Anerlisa and Pol were a happy and adorable couple before they called it quits, but none of them really talked about it.

Anerlisa has recently insinuated that she ignored red flags; which she shouldn’t have. She shared the latter while talking about her friend.

”My plan was not to caption, but I just remembered a conversation I had yesterday with a friend who is going through a tough time. This is what I told her, after I had lived in denial for the longest.

Truth is, RED FLAGS are always visible in the first week, month, and if you want to stretch it, 6 months. The problem is you think they will change, they hardly do and if they do, they only change to please you but trust, when they get comfortable, the Red Flags will start showing again.”

She continued to advise her fans not to ignore red flags;

”Don’t ignore them Red Flags in the beginning and especially the alarming ones. Stay woke and save yourself early from wasting your time.”

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