Anerlisa Muigai responds to all allegations leveled against her including claims she’s a husband snatcher and lesbian

Anerlisa Muigai has addressed everything that she has been accused of on social media. The Keroche heiress was labelled a husband snatcher while dating ex boyfriend Don who has since reunited with his wife.

Recently Anerlisa was said to be a bi-sexual after a little birdie told Word Is that the reason Don broke up with her was because of a third party, a lesbian.

Anerlisa later on accused Don of concocting stories to malign her. She has since spoken about all allegations leveled against her on Instagram.

“When you are seen with a muscled person… Ohh she is dating her gym instructor. When you see me with a good looking buy..Ohh she making a mistake, thay is a Ben 10 coming to eat her money, When I hide someobody…Oooh huyo ni bwana ya mtu. When i decide i am single.. Ooh you are getting old you need to get married anf get kids and when i decide to hang around certain people ooh now i am lesbian…” Wrote Anerlisa Muigai

I stopped caring

The Keroche heiress further says she doesn’t give a damn about what people say about her. She claims she stopped caring about the talks on social media after she realized rumormongers couldn’t pay her bills.

“You know what IDGAF what you all think. I stopped caring what people think when i realised none of you can pay quarter of my bills,” wrote Anerlisa.

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